• Ask me about: The Little Match Girl
  • Can't work without: Nespresso
  • Workplace pet peeve: Spreadsheets
  • Magic power: Delightfully mad creativity

Heart of Creative and Founding Firestarter

Since starting her first creative agency at just 21, Mickey’s worked on branding projects and campaigns for some big cheeses, including Tesco, CIMA, Samsung and Ocado.

Mickey has always believed that branding has the potential to improve every single area of a business — including its market value. That’s why, in 2015, she founded Firestarter to level the playing field for purpose and passion-driven entrepreneurs. And to create the kind of highly-differentiated brands that make scaling simple.

  • Ask me about: Mystery curtains
  • Can't work without: Bouncing ideas off people
  • Workplace pet peeve: Knowledge hoarding
  • Magic power: Highly experienced beginner mindset

Head of Strategy and Founding Firestarter

Chris is a coaching psychologist who started his career working as a front-line child safeguarding practitioner, manager and researcher. This gave him a deep understanding of how people respond to periods of major change and disruption. Equipped with this knowledge, Chris went on to help JP Morgan, KPMG, UBS and Barclays — as well as various tech innovators and boutique consultancies — make transformational change happen.

At Firestarter, Chris blends proven psychological toolkits with brand identity to help entrepreneurs create truly meaningful, authentic and liberating businesses.

  • Ask me about: Dansville
  • Can't work without: My dog Bloo’s visit at my desk
  • Workplace pet peeve: Non-collaboration
  • Magic power: Intuition

Creative Director

With 13 years experience under his belt, Bren is a sublimely talented creative known for his unwavering commitment to creating visually stunning brands.

With an enviable portfolio of skills in graphic design, UI/UX and ideation, Bren has what it takes to deliver next-level concepts, designs, imagery and animation for our clients.

Always the first to spot new trends and emerging technologies, Bren effortlessly blends aesthetics with functionality to solve complex and messy design challenges with pixel-perfect ease.

  • Ask me about: Swedish cows
  • Can't work without: Thesaurus.com
  • Workplace pet peeve: Semicolons
  • Magic power: Ordering disorder, creatively

Brand Copywriter

More than just crafting crisp, captivating copy, Freya helps brands unmuddle ideas, cut through clutter, and unearth the stories that really matter. A fan of big, bold ideas, Freya believes it’s the tiny words that make them happen.

  • Ask me about: My cat
  • Can't work without: Ice coffee, cute notebook and chocolate
  • Workplace pet peeve: People eating very fragrant food at their desks
  • Magic power: Organising chaos into solid structures

Project Management Analyst

Meet Muneerah, the Project Maestro with a passion for turning chaos into choreography! Armed with a keyboard and iced coffee, Muneerah fearlessly navigates the tumultuous seas of deadlines, project plans, and creative minds. With a knack for transforming challenges into opportunities, Muneerah leads our projects with a blend of charisma, humour, and just the right amount of caffeine-induced enthusiasm. When not conquering project peaks, you’ll find Muneerah trying new restaurants or browsing a garden market.

  • Ask me about: Cabbage Patch dolls
  • Can't work without: Two cats, a dog and a tortoise
  • Workplace pet peeve: Ambiguity
  • Magic power: Advanced intuition

Partnership Manager

Moya brings many years experience in finance and managing teams. Ever calm, organised and capable, she keeps us sane and makes sure everything runs tickety-boo behind the scenes.