Firestarter and the Association for Business Psychology Announce Strategic Partnership

by Chris Endersby

Firestarter and the Association for Business Psychology Announce Strategic Partnership                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

London, 18 June 2024 – The Association for Business Psychology (ABP), dedicated to enhancing the application of psychology in the workplace, and Firestarter, a leading London-based branding agency renowned for its innovative integration of creativity and psychology, are pleased to announce their new strategic partnership. 

Firestarter joins the ABP as a corporate member and brand partner, marking a significant collaboration aimed at leveraging psychological insights to drive organisational change and growth.


Chris Endersby, Co-founder and COO of Firestarter commented: “We’re thrilled to join forces with the ABP. Becoming a corporate member marks a pivotal moment for Firestarter, reinforcing our commitment to integrating psychological principles into our work. This collaboration promises to foster innovation and drive meaningful change for our clients. We look forward to advancing the field of business psychology and championing the value of psychological insights in the business world.”

This partnership highlights Firestarter’s commitment to harnessing the unique value of business psychology in branding and corporate identity, and ABP’s mission to promote professional interests and improve workplace productivity and well-being through psychology.


Claire Lish, Company Secretary and Governance Lead for the ABP, shared her thoughts: “We are delighted to welcome Firestarter as a corporate member and brand partner of the ABP. Their innovative approach to branding, underpinned by psychological insights, makes them an invaluable partner in our mission to enhance the application of psychology in business. We anticipate significant achievements through our joint efforts.”

The partnership between Firestarter and the ABP is aimed at empowering the ABP to strengthen its brand and elevate its influence within the business psychology community.

As part of this exciting journey, Firestarter looks forward to engaging with ABP members through exclusive deals and meaningful content. Firestarter is attending the ABP’s AGM and annual conference on 21-22 June, where they will gather insights via a perception survey to inform a BrandSight:360 assessment process being undertaken with the ABP.

Stay tuned for more updates on our collaborative initiatives with the ABP and the transformative impact we aim to achieve together, including exclusive member offers.


About the Association for Business Psychology (ABP) The Association for Business Psychology (ABP) promotes the professional interests of business psychologists and enhances the application of psychology in the workplace. Through advocacy, education, continuous development, and community-building, the ABP aims to improve workplace productivity and employee well-being. For more information, visit ABP’s Website.


About Firestarter Firestarter is a pioneering branding agency that combines creativity with psychology to build impactful brands. Their unique approach, embodied in their DARE methodology and BrandSight:360 tool, helps ambitious and passionate founders achieve lasting success for their businesses.

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